Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Union Defender February 2010

What happened at the February Meeting?
1. Herb Jackson reported that the University Club has enthusiastically agreed to our proposal to move the Zagonyi's Charge monument from its current location to Zagonyi Park. Herb will now try to locate the owners of the property and city officials to discuss the move.

2. Members were asked to provide a Union and Confederate color guard for the Civil War Round Table 50th anniversary dinner on April 17.

3. Members were informed of the annual General William T. Sherman memorial ceremony to be held at the general's gravesite in St. Louis on February 28. Several camp members are planning to attend.

4. Members discussed a project in Kirksville, Missouri to mark the graves of a Union and his wife, who served as a Union Army nurse. Jeff Patrick volunteered to contact Department Commander Smarker regarding the project.

5. Members were encouraged to read and contribute material to the new Phelps Camp blog,

Upcoming Events
March 7-8---Battle of Pea Ridge Anniversary. Living history activities all weekend, ceremony at 10 a.m. Sunday, Pea Ridge National Military Park.

April 17---Civil War Round Table of the Ozarks 50th anniversary dinner, Springfield. Guest speaker: Dr. Steven Woodworth from Texas Christian University. Topic: Grant's Vicksburg Campaign. Further details available at

April 24---Dedication of the Fort Sand Springs Monument near Marshfield.

Next Meeting
The next meeting of Phelps Camp will be on Tuesday, March 2 at 7 p.m. at Wilson's Creek National Battlefield.

Dues are due
Yes, it's that time again. 2010 dues for Phelps Camp the SUVCW remain at $25! Please send a check or money order to:

John Rutherford
1329 S. Meadowview Ave.
Springfield, Missouri 65804

Any donations for camp projects will also be greatly appreciated.