Sunday, February 5, 2012

Union Defender January 2012

1) Members enjoyed a pleasant visit from Missouri Department Commander Chris Warren. Chris shared his plans for the future and complimented the members of Phelps Camp for their efforts to honor the “boys in blue.” He also thanked the members for their hospitality.
2) Members discussed plans for the Pea Ridge 150th anniversary and the February meeting. 3) Camp elections were held, and the 2011 officers were unanimously elected for 2012.
4) Camp members unanimously agreed to take part in the Branson Veterans Parade on Sunday, November 11.

NEXT MEETING The February meeting of Phelps Camp will be held at the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield Visitor Center on Tuesday, February 7 at 7 p.m. We will perform the SUV ritual (don’t worry about memorizing anything, we will provide scripts!). Following the ritual, camp member John Sutton will present a program on Union Army handguns, and will bring examples for members to examine.

DUES ARE DUE Yes, it’s that time again! Dues are still $30 (the same as 2011). Please make your check or money order payable to “Phelps Camp No. 66, SUVCW” and mail to:
John Rutherford
1329 S. Meadowview Ave.
Springfield, MO 65804

With many more 150th anniversary events on the horizon, we need the men of Phelps Camp to “re-enlist” and help the public remember those who fought and died to save the Union.

CIVIL WAR COMMEMORATIVE “CHALLENGE COINS” AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE The camp has purchased several SUVCW “Challenge Coins” for resale. Two designs are available—one for the Civil War 150th anniversary and one for the Grand Army of the Republic anniversary. Check out the designs: These are priced to move at only $10 each! Jeff Patrick will have them available at upcoming meetings.

UPCOMING EVENTS March 9-11: Pea Ridge Battle Anniversary Living History/Commemorative Program (see attached schedule).

CAN DO! We are gathering cans for another “run” to the recycling center, so it’s time to bring your cans to the next meeting.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST “UNIONIST”? Check out the November issue of the Missouri Unionist (Department of Missouri newsletter) at: