Wednesday, December 23, 2009

G.A.R. Posts in Greene County, Missouri

POST #69 Capt. John Matthews Post, Springfield was mustered May 3, 1883, by comrade Charles Emery. The first commander was Judge W. F. Geiger. There were twenty-nine charter members.

POST #210 McCrosky Post, was mustered September 26, 1884, in North Springfield, with twenty-three charter members. William Mathie was the first post commander.

POST #292 Thomas A. Reed Post, of Ebenezer, was mustered November 6, 1886, by William Mathie, with twenty-two charter members. Robert A. Vaughan was first commander.

POST #234 Ash Grove Post, was mustered by William Mathie with seventeen charter members. H. H. McCall was first commander.

POST #315 William Bhame Post, of Strafford, was mustered February 19, 1887, by Comrade H. A. Doan, with 21 charter members. John McCabe first commander.

POST #319 Captain Mack Post, Green Ridge, was mustered May 23, 1887. by James R. Milner, with 15 charter members. Henry T. Howard was the first commander.

POST #397 Brookline Post of Place, was mustered August 16, 1888. by 0. S. Grove, with 12 charter members. J.R. Gammon first commander.

POST #409 John Shelton Post, was mustered January 19, 1889, by J, W. Lisenby, with 15 charter members. W.H. Kershner was the first commander.

POST #449 Fair Grove Post, was mustered October 3, 1189 by James R. Milner with 15 charter members. J.W.Cecil, first commander.

POST #476 Col. William Parkinson Post, of Springfield, was mustered June 30, 1890, by James R. Milner, with 15 charter members. Shady Wilson was the first commander.

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