Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vicksburg Daily Citizen

From the Pierce City (Missouri) Leader-Journal, September 30, 2009:

80 Years Ago, September 26, 1929

M.T. Kelley of northeast of Pierce City brought to the Leader-Journal office a copy of the Vicksburg, Miss. Daily Citizen, dated July 2, 1863. It was the last copy issued and is printed on wallpaper. We find the following notice by the editor-July 4, 1863. Two days bring about great changes. The banner of the Union floats over Vicksburg. General Grant has “caught the rabbit”; he has dined in Vicksburg, and he did bring his dinner with him. The “Citizen” lives to see it. For the lat time it appears on “wall paper.” No more will it eulogize the luxury of mule meat and fricasseed kitten—urge Southern warriors to such diet never more. This is the last wallpaper edition and is, excepting this note, from the types as we found them. It will be valuable hereafter as a curiosity.

H.C. Shoemaker, one of our old citizens, was in Vicksburg when the town surrendered to the Union Army.

(Thanks to Richard Cochran for sharing this article).

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