Monday, April 12, 2010

John S. Phelps

The Missouri Republican of yesterday contained the following:
"Col. Phelps left this city yesterday, for Washington, in improved health."
Col. Phelps is a man of wide experience, great ability and tried patriotism. His residence is in Springfield, Missouri. He has been, for several years, in command of a Missouri regiment, and performed distinguished services in the battle of Pea Ridge. Two sons were with him in that fight, and one of them was severely wounded. Colonel Phelps' wife, after the battle of Wilson's Creek devoted herself to the care of our wounded, and hundreds of grateful soldiers testify to her kindness. It was she who cared for the body of General Lyon, and caused its restoration to his friends. Col. Phelps, now that the armed rebels are driven out of his Congressional district, feels justified in taking his seat as its representative in Congress. His high character and dauntless courage---his services in the field and experience as a legisltor---will give him great influence at Washington, which, we have no doubt, he will exert with wisdom.---Cin. Commercial
Indianapolis (Indiana) Daily Journal, April 25, 1862.

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